Back to School Community Prayer & Concert

School Supplies for Allendale

The Allendale community is having a Back to School Community Prayer & Concert Event on Saturday August 6th from 9 am until 3pm at the Allendale High School football field. Collected back packs and school supplies will be given to students at this event.  Vendors are invited, and should contact Lottie Lewis for application.

Churches and individuals can make online donations through the Beverly Greer Offering for State Missions, or send donations or supplies to the CBFSC office.  You may also contact the CBFSC office PRIOR TO AUGUST 1st  to schedule a large pick-up of collected supplies.

Together for Hope in Allendale, SC

Together for Hope is CBF's Rural Poverty Initiative focusing on long-term, sustainable community development in the poorest rural communities of the United States. Allendale County has been accepted as one of the work sites for Together for Hope.

The Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of South Carolina partners with First Baptist Church in Allendale and the various neighborhood associations of Allendale County to find innovative ways to help improve the standard of living.

Some current initiatives undertaken by our local partners include:

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